You may not like this site if you are an easily triggered woke individual with many pronouns who is okay with kneeling in front of the American Flag, are anti-second amendment, anti-military, anti-law enforcement, and a US Citizen who speaks badly about this country even though she has given you all the freedoms and rights you enjoy everyday. You are more than welcome to be here but if you complain, we won’t care! We truly mean this with love and respect. 

DEFCON = Short for Defense Readiness Condition which is a U.S. Military term created when fear of communism was at a high.

PATRIOT = One who has a higher level of pride, respect, and support for his or her country, This person is prepared to defend his/her country and family against both foreign and domestic enemies. 

Defcon Patriot was created to provide resources and bring attention to staying on high alert at all times, as well as being prepared to protect and provide for what you love the most. As hardworking patriots, we are very busy in our everyday lives which means most of us will procrastinate about getting prepared and ready to handle any dangerous situation or natural disaster that may arise. The resources and free downloadable checklist found on this website will make it a simple process for patriots to be organized and ready to do what is necessary when the time comes..  

Our why. It is no secret that the world has changed with our rights, liberties, and freedoms under attack every single day. There are  many unknowns and unpredictable situations that can happen without any notice. Many of us true patriots just want to live life in the pursuit of happiness, work hard, provide for our families, and be left alone to do whatever the hell we want to! We don’t care what others do with their own lives, but do not attempt to indoctrinate us or our kids with crazy ideologies. You do you and we will do us is our motto. The difference is, when needed, Defcon Patriots will be prepared and ready to do whatever is necessary to preserve our freedoms for ALL people. We are the true leaders of the country who are mostly silent until needed.  

Defcon Patriot supports our military, law enforcement, the Second Amendment, and the everyday hardworking American. A percentage of proceeds will be donated back to organizations that support these causes.

Defcon Patriot
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